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I demand an end to violence against women and girls

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Why draw a line?

Emmanuella was seven years old when she was raped. At 17, Tabasum was kidnapped and forced to marry an older man. Elisa was dragged to the town square and beaten, because she dared to participate in politics.

This is happening all around the world, from Niger to the United States, and robs women and girls of their childhood, education, health, and aspirations. These appalling violations of human rights shouldn’t be happening in 2018, and we need to take a stand now. By drawing a line you will be helping to:

  1. Advocate for specific changes within institutions and workplaces, including within the UN system, private sector organisations, education institutions, civil society organisations, and governments to promote gender equality and end violence against women.
  2. Amplify the voices of diverse global women’s movements working to prevent and end violence against women.
  3. Call for specific financing commitments in national efforts to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls.

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